Kulak Construction Company builds quality and functional buildings for peoples use since 1943. Our mission in our country and sector is to build high quality projects and sustain our leadership by basing our competitive force with a customer focused concept of production, meanwhile always making use of the best technology and keeping health, safety and environmental factors as primary concern.

Kulak Construction Company believes in the continuous quality concept. Our aim is to produce quality at the first time in the right way providing the safety and health of our employees, always having an eye on environmental factors, and paying the utmost attention to customer satisfaction.

Kulak Construction Company quickly identifies the risks and dimensions for Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Issues for its jobsites. All legal requirements to fulfil these issues are carried out and the official limits for protection set are exceedingly by incorporating the views and recommendations of third parties, thereby always refining the entire system.

Instead of cleaning the environment after polluting it, we take the issue from the beginning by not polluting the environment at all, and investigate all job risks of employees at their respective jobsite.

Throughout our journey in quality with the participation of our employees production is done with a Quality Environment Health Management System. Due to these reasons, Kulak Construction Company is a global company in parallel with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards applied for Quality Environment Health Management Systems ensures this.

President of the Board of Directors