Kulak Construction Company will at all times satisfy the requirements of its Clients and ensure that the project facilities:

• Comply with specifications
• Are delivered on time
• Are completed according to the designated budget

Kulak Construction Company will display its commitment to quality by implementing and maintaining a Quality Management Systems that conform fully to ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems – requirements.

Kulak Construction Company:

• Recognizes the importance of Quality Management.
• Ensures that all employees, suppliers and subcontractors are aware of the requirements of the Quality System and are advised that compliance with these requirements are mandatory.
• Effective use of Management Review, Training & Auditing, brings improvements in its operating efficiencies for the mutual benefit of its customers, suppliers and employees.


Kulak Construction Company is committed to good relations, continuing assessment of the environmental impacts of all activities, materials and other tasks. The company through its management and staff is committed to the practice of minimizing waste, emissions and recycling, as much as possible. We employ systems and materials which are less likely to have an unfavorable impact (direct and indirect) on the environment. We are committed to pursuing other strategies, including substitution of environmentally harmful products. All aspects of our activities shall go beyond compliance with statutory requirements, commitment being given to continual improvement and prevention in line with economic development and sustainability of the natural environment.

Every individual who works on our sites has a duty to environmental protection and sustainable development. Management will foster among our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers at all levels, an individual sense of responsibility for the environment and the need to be alert to potential sources of pollution in the work environment. Management is committed to sustainable development which meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations and is further committed to continual improvement. The Contract Manager has been nominated as Management Representative and therefore has the authority to ensure that the requirements of this policy and ISO 14001 standards are implemented and maintained by all on our sites. At least once every year we review the environmental objectives and targets. These are evaluated by the Operations Director and his staff and approved by the Managing Director.

All such objectives and targets are executed through a documented system of procedures geared towards continual improvement. The Company operates a management system based on sustainable development and by complying with the requirements of the International Environmental Management Systems Standard ISO 14001. The Company is committed to making available to employees, sub-contractors, clients, neighbors and other interested parties, relevant environmental information to enable them to understand the potential effects of the Company’s operations and will identify and respond to local community concerns about its operations.


The management team of Kulak Construction Company gives the highest priority to ensuring that our own employees, and all other employees working on sites managed by the company, can work safely and healthy, and remain free from injury. The aim of this policy is to; reduce injuries, and any other unnecessary losses and liability, and to protect the environment. This policy is founded on three utually re-enforcing pillars.

1. The use of rigorous processes, by highly-trained safety personnel, to identify and control hazards and risks.
2. A chain of managerial accountability which ensures that Health and Safety are maintained as core values of company’s business principals and execution.
3. Active two-way communication with all employees to engage, their personal commitment to safe behavior, and their active contribution to the continuous improvement of safety in all our operations.

We work actively with external certification bodies, construction industry safety groups and safety experts to ensure that – Kulak Construction Company safety policies and management are informed by best-practices. Our, OHSAS 18001 certified, safety management system (SMS) sets out in detail the structures, procedures and processes for the effective implementation of this policy. For each construction-site on which we operate, we prepare a Site-Specific Safety Statement, which embodies the application of our SMS to the specific hazards, risks and operating circumstances particular to that site. This, along with a copy of the general SMS, is made available in a highly visible manner at all locations at which we operate.